Jackie Opel


Born Dalton Bishop in 1938 in Barbados, Jackie Opel was gifted with a rich, deep, powerful voice only surpassed by his astounding voice range, impeccable diction and smooth dance moves. In the early 60s he went to Jamaica, is where his music career really took off. He performed with leading Jamaican bands of time such as the leading ska group in Jamaica,The Skatalites,from '62-'65, where he was the lead singer. He also performed many duos with Doreen Shaffer. In 1964, The Wailers (Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, Bunny Livingston and Beverly Kelso) recorded backing vocals for him.  Bob Marley identified Jackie Opel as one of his major influences and acknowledged the fact that he and his group the Wailers used to open many of Jackie’s shows in the early days. One of the things Jackie Opel is accredited with is the invention of spouge music. In late 1973 Jackie Opel died tragically in a car crash in St. Michael, Barbados.

A Love To Share, 1964
A Time To Cry, 1966, (with The Wailers)
Every Word I Say Is True, 1964
Mill Man, The, 1964, (with The Wailers)
Old Rocking Chair, (with The Skatalites)
Pictures Of Smoke, 1964
Push Wood
Sit Down Servant
Sometimes I Wonder, 1964
Take Your Time, 1964
Tears From My Eyes, 1964
The Mill Man, 1964
The Vow, (with Doreen Schaffer and The Skatalites)
Turn To The Almighty, 1964
Valley Of Green, 1964