Discography Larry Weiss




Hi Popcornlovers, 

Deze week volgend op de Popcorn Power Play, houden we het bij de songs gecomponeerd door Larry Weiss, volgend op de info van Theo Dumoulin, Wat zijn biografie betreft, ga even kijken op: link

Wisten jullie dat naast zijn veelvoudige muziek composities, inclusief vele filmmuziek, hij zich nu in zijn thuisbasis Nashville Tennessee heeft toegelegd op de abstracte schilderkunst?  

De vetgedrukte songs haalden allemaal de Charts.

Paul Vande Casteele 

Janie Grant - Trying To Forget You
Steve Alaimo - Going Back To Mary
Ten Lonely Guys - Ten Lonely Guys
Ten Lonely Guys -Pat Boone
One More Kiss - Amos Milburn Jr.
Chuck Jackson -Getting Ready For The Heartbreak
Shirelles - Go Celebrate Your Victory
Dionne Warwicke - Getting Ready For The Heartbreak
Ray Fleming - Humpty Dumpty
Dukays - Combination
Baby Washington - There He Is
The Wanderers - After He Breaks Your Heart
Timi Yuro - Insult To Injury
Dick Lee - Lonely Anniversary
Anna King  - The Big Change
Paul Anthony - Look At Me Now
Jerri Lynn Fraser - Are You Just A Guy With A Line
Adam Wade  - Teenage Mona Lisa
Selvin Johannes - In The Days Of Plenty
Clive Clerk - Lookin’ For A Girl
Baby Washington - Leave Me Alone
Ernestine Anderson - You’re Not The Guy For Me
Joyce Alexander - Here I Come
Nat King Cole - Mr. Wishing Well
Joyce Davis - Go Celebrate Your Victory
The Relatives - Ziga Ziga Zoom
Tony RusselL - Nice Guys Come In Last
Carol Shaw - Jimmy Boy
Tobin Matthhews - When You Came Along
Denise Germaine - Johnny Casanova
The Parlettes - Because We’re Very Young
Astonauts - Hey Sugarfoot
Roy Hamilton - There She Is
Clyde McFatter  - Second Window Second Floor
Charades - Can’t Make It Without You
Linda Scott - I Envy You
Paul Anka - Cindy Go Home
Adam Wade - Broken Hearted Stranger
Ruby & The Romantics - Does He Really Care For Me
Ray Pollard - Darling Take Me Back
Lenny Welch - Darling Take Me Back
Jerry Jackson - Hey Sugarfoot
Pat Woodell - What Good Would It Do
Barbara Chandler - A Lonely New Year
Tony Roma - Real True Love
Ruby & The Romantics - Your Baby Doesn’t Love You Anymore..
Gene Pitney - Weaving In & Out Of My Life
Ruby & The Romantics - We’ll Meet Again
Linda Scott - I Can’t Get Through To You
Carolines - Can’t Stop Loving The Boy
Carolines - You’re My Baby
Bobby Rydell - She Was The Girl
Gene Pitney - (In The) Cold Light of Day
Searchers - Popcorn Double Feature
Eric Burdon & The Animals - Help Me Girl
Outsiders - Help Me Girl
Toys - Ciao Baby
Lynn Randell - Ciao Baby
Clark King - Keep It Coming
Leola Jiles - Keep It Coming
Jeff Beck - Hi Ho Silver Lining
Attack - Hi Ho Silver Lining
Ronnie Dio & The Prophets - Walking In Different Circles
Goldie & The Gingerbreads -  Walking In Different Circles
Peppermint Rainbow - Walking In Different Circles
Models - Bend Me Shape Me
Models -  World of Pretty Faces
The 3 ½ - You Turned Your Back On Love
Tim Wilde - Popcorn Double Feature
Jerry Butler - You Walked Into My Life
P.J. Proby - Just Holding On
Madeline Bell - Mr. Dream Merchant
Jerry Butler - Mr. Dream Merchant
Al Martino - More Than The Eye Can See
Gorgie Porgie & The Cry Babies - Just Holding On
Rod Stewart - Hi Ho Silver Lining
Guy Darell - Evil Woman
Eternal Flames - Ciao Baby
American Breed - Bend Me Shape Me
American Breed - Master of My Fate
Michael & The Messengers - She Was The Girl
Lou Rawls - Evil Woman
Spooky Tooth Evil Woman
Troggs Evil Woman
Mitch Ryder - My Party
Castaways Walking In Different Circles
Daughters of Eve - Help Me Boy
Jane Morgan - Look What You’ve Done To Me
Mitch Ryder - The Lights of Night
Pete Klint Quintet - Just Holding On
Little Bits - Feeling of Love
Michael Jackson - To Make My Father Proud
Len Barry - You’re My Picasso Baby
Glories - There He Is
American Breed - Keep The Faith
Bob Crewe -More Than The Eye Can See
Buddy Arden - Saying Goodbyes
Three Degrees - Feeling of Love
Elves (Ronnie Dio) - Walking In Different Circles
Bobby Comstock - Annabelle Jane
Del Royals - Man of Value
Ithaca - Bow Down (To The Dollar)
Ithaca - Give It Up
Deni Lyn - The Lights of Night
Julius LaRosa - This Is All I had
Garrett Scott - Sweet Laura Lee
Larry Weiss - See You At Sunrise
Larry Weiss - Maryanna
Ben E. King - Can’t Take It Like A Man
Orpheus - By The Size of My Shoes
Del Royals - Some Kind of Wonderful
Petula Clark - The Lights of Night
Storm (Larry Weiss) - Bend Me Shape Me
Cissy Houston - Darling Take Me Back
Newby & Johnson  - I Want To Give You My Everything
Newby & Johnson  - Sweet Happiness
Chuck Boris - Maryanna
Giant Crab - Walking In Different Circles
Clark Sullivan - Reaching For A Rainbow
The Children - Evil Woman
Tim Bryon - Maryanna
Catherine McKinnon - Ciao Baby
Glass Bottle - Mama Don’t You Wait Up For Me
Van McCoy - To Make My Father Proud
Rising Sign - Together Again
Storm - Going Going Gone
Gerri Granger - Darling Take Me Back
Gerri Granger - I Go To Pieces
Eddie Jason - Together Again
Gerri Granger - Can’t Take It Like A Man
Gerri Granger - Get It Together
Rochelle - I Want To Give You My Everything
Pink Lady - I Want To Give You My Everything
Gene Pitney - Weaving In & Out of My Life
Hot Love - Hi Ho Silver Lining
Lonnie Satton - Beyond Games
Sam Dees - Maryanna
Donald Peers - Happy Face
Joshua - Bow Down To The Dollar
Henry Shed - Bend Me Shape Me
Storm (Larry Weiss) - This I Find Is Beautiful
T-Rex - Take Me Make Me Yours
Casper - Sing A Song
John Rowels - Mrs. Smith
Rock Flowers - Mother You Smother You
Michael Allen - Where Did All The Romance Go
Bobby Sherman - Together Again
Bobby Hanna - Where Are We Going
Gary Puckett - Leaving In The Morning
Scott English - Ballad of The Unloved
Paul Revere & The Raiders - Ballad of The Unloved
Lou Rawls - Man of Value
Donnie Osmond - Going Going Gone
Moms Mabley - A World’s Prayer
Candy & Sweets - I Want To Give You My Everything
Jerry Wayne - Knights In Shining Armour
Chubby Checker - Raggae My Way
John Davidson – I Want To Spend My Life With You
John Williams - I Want To Spend My Life With You
Larry Weiss
Rhinestone Cowboy
Sweet Ophelia
She’s Everything She Doesn’t Want
To Be..
Lead Me On
Lay Me Down
(Roll Me Out To Sea)
The World Was Filled With Love
Maureen McGovern - This I Find Is Beautiful
Clodagh Rodgers - Get It Together
Gregory Harris - Blue Angel
David Clayton Thomas - Anytime..Babe
Three Dog Night - Anytime..Babe
Wayne Newton - I Want You With Me
Wayne Newton - Lay Me Down (Roll Me Out To Sea)
Eddie Holman - Darling Take Me Back
Samantha Jones - This I Find Is Beautiful
Glen Campbell - Rhinestone Cowboy
New Birth - Mr. Dream Merchant
Carl Douglas - I Want To Give You My Everything
Vic Dana - Lay Me Down (Roll Me Out To Sea)
Nestor Pistor - Winestoned Plowboy
Tyrone Barkley - Man of Value
Tight Fit - Bend Me Shape Me
Bob Welsh  - Bend Me Shape Me
Maureen McGovern - This I Find Is Beautiful
Barry Manilow - Lay Me Down (Roll Me Out To Sea)
Johnny Mathis - You Are There
Loretta Lynn - Rhinestone Cowboy
Charlie Pride - Rhinestone Cowboy
Salena Jones - Mr. Dream Merchant
Robert Goulet/Stephanie Weiss - I Will Love You Uncle
Bobby Vinton - I Want To Spend My Life With You
Glen Campbell - Lay Me Down (Roll Me Out To Sea)
Engelbert Humperdincke - This I Find Is Beautiful
Engelbert Humperdincke - Together Again
You Are There
Neil Diamond - Ten Lonely Guys
The Hassles (aka Billy Joel)               Just Holding On
Loyal Garner                                   Making Love Without Love
Ron Dante                                       Street Angel
Ken Dodd - This I Find Is Beautiful
Glen Campbell/Tanya Tucker - Hollywood Smiles
Denny Doherty - Lay Me Down (Roll Me Out To Sea)
Karen Carpenter - Your Baby Doesn’t Love You Anymore..
Wilson Pickett - Man of Value
Love Never Let Me Down
The Waters - Love Never Let Me Down
Melissa Manchester - We Had This Time
Dionne Warwicke - We Had This Time
Dolly Parton/Billy Dean - You Got Me Over A Heartache Tonight..
Billy Burnette/Bekka Bramlett - True Blue Love
(Over 500 recordings of) - Rhinestone Cowboy
Amir - What Do You Dream About
Amir - Rhinestone Cowboy
Michelle Pardo - Living On The Inside
Larry Weiss : 2007
You Can’t Have Me
Better By Now
Get Your Act Together Sam
Can’t We Start Over Again
The Blame Game
I Remember Dempsey’s
El Hakimir - My Road Leads To You
My Forefathers
Real Kind of People
Help Me Girl
The Man Who Never Was