DJ Linda

lindaHI, My name is Linda Couldstone, I'm female, 53 years old, married to Ted (fellow record collector DJ and soul mate), I live in Stoke on Trent, England and I'm a 'Popcorn' Junkie. There I've said it.  Ok, lets avoid any confusion here, I do not have a 'Butterkist' habit (mmm you have to admit, they are pretty nice tho). Humble beginnings!! When I was 10, a friend of the family gave me an old Radiogram, tucked neatly inside were a couple of 45rpm records. I played them until the grooves wore out and my record collecting obsession was born. At the tender age of 14, Courtesy of a club close to my home, called The Golden Torch I discovered Alcohol, Nicotine and most importantly 'Northern Soul', It was to change my life foreve.  I kid you not, I was hearing tunes, so good they made my heart nearly leap from my not yet developed chest

Fast forward to 1996.

After a break for marriage, motherhood and divorce, I met my new lovely new soul man, and rekindled my passion for music, in a big way, Thanks to my shiny new PC and super cool dial up internet connection,

I was a surfer.

I joined file sharing sites on the net and met people from around the world who shared my passion for music.

I love big ballads and mid tempo tunes and was soon put in the picture about a musical scene that had started in Belgium the late 60's, and is going strong to this day 'POPCORNOLDIES'. Clubs in Belgium, like Popcorn, Champou and Golden gate, were playing this slower music and dancing as couples a 'soul swing'. I shared music that I had collected, and my friends in Belgium introduced me to more and more in the same style. As my collection grew so did my love for this musical style. The collectors and DJ's taught me that many types of music could be used for dancing by slowing down or speeding up the records as required, I felt that the world was my oyster and Belgium, my pearl.

Message to anyone just starting to collect this yummy vinyl...listen via CD..internet or from friends...and write out your wants list...but beware...just as you press bid now...I'll have my finger on that very same button.