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   The Magic World", Evoking lyrics with an evoking performance by Cleveland Robinson Jr. takes you on a journey through the magical world of little boys. From their care free years of innocence, their coming of age, and through their vintage years. They eagerly share the cherished memories of their youthful journeys. Truly a mesmerizing song. And what a journey it's been for Cleveland Robinson Jr.


Born in Macon Georgia and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. In Pittsburgh Cleveland formed a Quartet and began singing in his church. Cleveland later married there and started a family. Soon after, Cleveland migrated to Cleveland Ohio and began his pursuit as a professional singer song writer of popular music.A lot of time, sweat, boxes of throat lozenges, countless cups of hot tea with lemon and honey, and it was time to "come out of the gym".

His first professional recording was done at Schneider Recording Studio in downtown Cleveland Ohio. Almost immediately his recording was taken by Redda Robins to Murray Deutch, an executive head at United Artists, who liked it well enough to award Cleveland a recording contract on the United Artists Ascot label. However due to personal problems, which he relayed to Murray, he reluctantly released him. But Cleveland continued his pursuit. He had already started another business in order to provide steady income for his family which had grown to a number of seven.

Cleveland sang whenever and wherever he could, clubs national television, with three or four appearances on "The Big 5 TV Show." He began to release recordings on his own record label; Nosnibor that's Robinson spelled backwards. In the early stages, the family garage was used as a receiving and distribution base. Family members still recall the unbelievable amount of records that were ordered only weeks after many of the first release dates.

He promoted these releases himself and even with limited distribution and exposure he experienced success. "Take a Fool's Advice" sold 7200 in one week. "Love is a Trap" sold 9000 in just twelve days. "Boy" and "Somebody to Love" also began to move well. One of Cleveland's songs "This is America" written during the "Civil Rights Movement", received accolade from America's Camelot the Kennedy's.

Although these promotional efforts had impressive degrees of success starting out, they all lacked national distribution and were unable to realize their full potential. A few years later Cleveland signed a recording contract with Terry Knight, manager of the Grand Funk Railroad on his Brown Bag label out of Capital Records. After being paid a handsome sum up front, Cleveland was given Carte blanch to choose an arranger. He chose Gene Page a man he describes of integrity and a brilliant arranger to record the album "Cleveland." Terry however experienced major problems before they could promote it. Hence it was released on Cleveland's own Nosnibor label.

The responsibilities of a successful business and a large family, eventually diminished Cleveland's full on pursuit in the music industry. But Cleveland continued to record. Unbeknownst to Cleveland, for many years (since the 80's), some of his recordings were receiving a lot of attention in the UK and had become very popular. More of Cleveland's recordings have become popular and some are being played and sold in the "Northern Soul" scene in the UK, Australia, Italy, Germany, and Japan on compilation CDs. Cleveland was prepared to visit England when one of his son's, Paris quickly volunteered to go first. Later The British offered to fly Cleveland over for an interview. Cleveland plans to visit England soon. The obscurity of Cleveland's recordings has made them wanted and valued collectibles with some. Among those most popular are "Love is a Trap", "Boy", "Take a Fools Advice" and "Somebody to Love".

Cleveland Robinson presently resides in Shaker Heights a suburb in Cleveland Ohio and home to

Nosnibor Records.

---by Jeffrey Robinson